Abou Yeşil Hayat

Yeşil Hayat is the manufacturer and international supplier of some of the most advanced organic fertilizers in the world through employing nanotechnology and as a result of almost 10 years of devoted Research & Development.

Our Team

• Our research and development team is comprised of a large number of highly specialized researchers (7 PhD, 3 MSc, and 7 BSc).
• Our group of experts and scientists have proven experience & intimate industry knowledge in material science, biotechnology and industrial chemistry.
• Our administrative team includes a group of executives and business practitioners with proven management and institution-building records in small and large corporate environments and successful investments.
• We are supported by a well-developed corporate infrastructure that includes experienced lawyers, accountants and GR experts.

Our Objectives

• To help protect the environment from the harmful effects of chemical fertilization.
• To promote organic farming by supplying organic fertilizers and educating the farmers with its advantages over chemical/inorganic fertilizer.
• To promote competitiveness among suppliers & manufacturers by providing high quality products at affordable prices.
• To significantly contribute to the Agricultural Industry and help the Turkish Economy by reducing trade deficits through our export activities.
• To motivate and empower our employees in attaining our corporate goals.

Our Mission

We are devoted to providing the highest quality of products in the agriculture industry as well as meeting the demands of our international clients, while providing a rewarding and motivating atmosphere to our employees that contributes to an effective and efficient production.

Our Vision

Producing environment-friendly, highly-efficient fertilizing products that will enhance the sustainability of the organic farming industry in Turkey, the region and the world.